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#12 1334 012


by April M. Rimpo

5" x 31" x " | Acrylic on Paper Varnished & Framed | $650.00

Status: Sold

Current Location: HorseSpirit Arts Gallery

Available in an 8.5" X 34.5" wood frame. Support HorseSpirit Arts Gallery recover from the Ellicott City Flood. When this painting is purchased April M Rimpo will provide the gallery commission to the owners while they work to bring their gallery back. There are certain places that become part of who we are. Places that bring back memories of special times are among my favorite things to paint. For me this painting brings back memories of trips to the coast of Maine; Rhode Island; Annapolis, MD, Santa Cruz,CA; and Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound. It's not that all of these places look exactly the same, but they have a calming and relaxing effect on me. The sailboats bring back memories of sailing with a cousin in very small sailboat barely big enough for two.



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