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Testimonial: "Love your newsletter - always juicy and visually uplifting!!!" - Liz Henzey

Class Testimonial: "My work has been traditionally transparent watercolor or oil, but seldom mixed media. After your workshop and a painting trip to Cuba, I was inspired (by your workshop) to break out and work in acrylic & watercolor to capture some impressions of Habana. My work ... is included in the MFA American Landscapes show. Your technique worked perfectly in trying to capture the crumbling effects of time and nature on the architecture, and the stenciled effects used as a metaphor to express the "fenced-in" lack of freedom of the individual. So, thank you for that experience. As a life long art educator, I know it's nice to know how far your influence can extend."- Gail B. White


    Artist's Statement    

Sometimes I think that I don’t select my subject matter, it selects me. This might explain why you will see landscapes, urban scenes, or paintings of people doing everyday things. I’ve always loved learning about other cultures and places, so in my artwork I strive to show bits of life that grabbed my attention and made me feel I just had to tell the story.

I start by taking countless photographs any time I travel abroad or across the United State. Other artists, who have traveled with me, have said I see things that they never notice.

When I’m ready to start a new painting one of my photographs will come to mind, I’ll locate the photographs of that subject, and spend some time remembering why I was drawn to the scene. To develop a composition I look to emphasize three things. Of highest priority is the story I see in the photographs; second priority is the mood or emotion I felt when I took the photographs; and, lastly, I look for the pattern of lights and darks that I believe will help me tell the story. I work in a photo editing program to combine images, adjust colors to communicate the mood or emotion, and simplify the image to the essence that I think best tells the story. The time “playing” with the photos helps me gel the concept.

There are common themes in my paintings, but I seldom develop a series sequentially.  For example, I paint many scenes of urban life, which tend to be detailed.  I oscillate between these very detailed city scenes and much less detailed, but more emotional, scenes with figures. This approach balances the right and left side of my brain and keeps me happy.

Watercolor and fluid acrylics allow me to work more loosely than the tight rendering characteristic of my earlier oil and pencil work.  I believe it is the fact that watercolor and fluid acrylic flow in unpredicable ways that inspires me.  It absorbs me into the work; allowing the piece to develop in directions not fully planned as I respond to the flow of paint. This is part of the thrill of working in watermedia that I didn’t find in other media.

My artwork has also become more interpretive and semi-abstract over time. By adding more of my emotional content than in the past I think those who see my art are more drawn to the story. In fact a visitor at one exhibit told me she thought my artwork was very happy and that she felt drawn into it in a way that a photograph could not accomplish.

I feel a piece is successful when I think the mood I want is achieved and the story shines through in the finished painting. Real success comes, however, when others tell me the story they see in the painting. Often their story is quite different than mine, but it doesn't matter! I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction for having been able to evoke a memory or an emotion in my viewer. What more could I ask for as an artist?

I live and create in the Baltimore/Washington area.


April M. Rimpo first took private art lessons from 1976 through 1978 focused on graphite and colored pencil drawing plus oil on canvas. She continued her art lessons in oil focusing on composition and later took five years of advanced watercolor. She has taken extension workshops from award winning watercolor and mixed media artists including: Cheng-Khee Chee, Carl Dalio, Don Andrews, David Taylor, Tony van Hasselt, Jean Uhl Spicer, Deb Watson, Nicholas Simons, Frank Francese, Judy Morris, John Salminen, Paul Jackson, Linda Baker, Nancy Barch, Mark Mehaffey, Michael Holter, Ian Stewart, Michael Reardon, and Kathleen Conover.


April works with water media, most often in a combination of fluid acrylic and watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper. She uses color and texture to set the mood and sense of energy she feels best communicate the emotion of the scene. You will find landscapes, urban scenes, or paintings of people doing everyday activities. April loves learning about other cultures and places, so she strives to show bits of life that grabbed her attention and made her feel she had to tell the story.


April and her husband Chas have been married since 1983 and reside in Dayton, Maryland. They have one son.


Gallery Representation


HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Ellicott City, Maryland (2017 - present) - Temporarily closed as a result of the May 28, 2018  flood.

Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC (2015 – Sept 2018) 

Xanadu Gallery LLC's Online Studios (2012 – Sept 2018) 

ART UpClose Online Gallery and Marketing of Manhattan, New York (2015)

Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, New York (2012-2013)

Awards & Publications (last three years)

April has two paintings included for publication in the 2016 North Light Book’s Best of Acrylic, titled AcrylicWorks 3: Celebrating Texture; one in the 2017 North Light Book Acrylic Works 4: AcrylicWorks4: Captivating Color, and selected for the 2018 edition AcrylicWorks5: Bold Values. Her painting, Lunch with Champagne, was selected for North Light Books' 2018 Best of Watercolor book, titled Splash 19.

Salis International Materials Award in Southern Watercolor Society 41st Annual Juried Exhibition -  Bradenton, FL

3rd Place in Maryland Federation of Arts’ exhibition “Working for a Living” (2018)  -  Annapolis, MD

Kay & Girard Lichty Climate Crisis Award in ArtSpace Gallery’s Earth Speaks IV Exhibit (2018) -  Stroudsburg, PA

Honorable Mention: Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 2017 International Exhibition.

April's article "Giclee Prints Can Provide New Color for Your Office or Home" in The Business Monthly, May 2015, Volume 23, Number 5

4th Place Painting Category & 7th Place Overall Category (Morning in NYC) in Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s CityScapes (2015) Art Competition  -   Online Gallery

1st Place in Landscapes (Ponte Vecchio) in Kensington’s Labor Day Show (2014)  -  Kensington, MD

1st Place 2015 (Making Tortillas) and 2nd Place 2014 (Messengers) in Artists’ Gallery of Columbia’s Local Color exhibit  -         Columbia, MD

1st Place 2014 (Woman with a Wrapped Hat) and 1st Place 2008 (Into the Garden) in Laurel Art Guild Open Juried Exhibit -  Laurel, MD

2nd Place 2013 (Street of Sololá) in Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS) exhibit – Towson Art Collective, Towson, MD

Honorable Mention 2013 (His Dugout) in The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 34th Annual International Juried Exhibition -   Warren, PA

Excellence in Figurative 2013 (Woman with the Wrapped Hat) 29th Illinois Watercolor Society’s National Exhibition  -          Dixon, IL

Exhibitions (highlights)

April’s art has been featured in several solo exhibitions in Maryland. Her most recent solo exhibits in 2017 were at Touchsotne Gallery in Washington, DC and New Masters Art Gallery in Rockville, MD. In 2106 she had a solo exhibit at Artists and Makers Studios and in 2015 her solos were at Glenview Mansion in Rockville, the Bernice Kish Gallery at Slayton House in Columbia, and at Ranazul. Other solo exhibits were held at the Columbia Center of Art, the Maryland Federation of Art’s Circle Gallery in Annapolis, and the Dorchester Art Center in Cambridge, Maryland. April has also participated in small group exhibits at Howard County Arts Council in Ellicott City, Maryland and at Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center in Frederick, Maryland.

Her watermedia paintings have been included in numerous National watercolor exhibitions includin

311 Gallery's Landscape and Seascape Exhibition September 2018  Raleigh, NC

Southern Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibition 2018

Watercolor Missouri International 2015, 2017, and 2018 Saint Louis, MO and China

International Society of Experimental Art 23rd Annual Exhibition 2014 in San Pedro, CA and 2017 in Sanibel Island, FL

Watercolor Art Society – Houston’s International Exhibition 2014, 2015, and 2017

Louisiana Watercolor Society’s Annual International Exhibition 2104, 2015, and 2017

National Exhibition of the Illinois Watercolor Society – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018

The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s Annual International Juried Exhibition 2013, 2014, and 2017,  in Warren, PA,  Harrisburg, PA, and Gettysburg PA

Baltimore Watercolor Society’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition 2011, 2012 , 2017, 2018

The San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition 2013

Pikes Peak Watercolor Society’s International Watermedia 2013 “Legacy” Exhibition, Colorado Springs, CO

National Watercolor Society’s Annual International Exhibition 2012

Agora Gallery - Collective Exhibitions 2012 & 2013, Chelsea, New York, NY

Annual Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors 2012


Signature member Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS) & Membership Chair

Signature member Watercolor Art Society of Houston

Signature member Pennsylvania Watercolor Society (PWS)

Signature member Illinois Watercolor Society

Signature member Louisiana Watercolor Society

Signature member Missouri Watercolor Society

Member Ellicott City Arts Coalition (ECAC)

Member Howard County Arts Council – donated art and provided volunteer support 2007 through 2018 to Annual Silent Auction

Member Maryland Federation of Art - donated art to Annual Art Lottery from 2007 through 20


Bruce and Lynne Bindon of Freedom, PA (2)

Rose and Mark Gibson of Phoenix, Arizona

Bob and Bach Jeffrey of Columbia, Maryland (8)

Pat and Fred Kagie of Gilbert, Arizona (3)

John Lee of Laurel, Maryland

Craig and Michele Harber of Hanover, Maryland (4)

Karen Henderson of Gaithersburg, Maryland (2)

The Major Family of Agawam, Massachusetts (6)

The Naples of Ringoes, New Jersey (3)

Kristin & Richard Perona of Gilbert, Arizona

William Bernard Thompson of Washington, DC

Kate Orndorff of Washington, DC       

Dana Kaplan of San Francisco, Callifornia
Cheryl White of Gilbert, Arizona                                                                                                     

Additional private collections across the United States, including: Scottsdale, Arizona; Sacramento, California; San Diego, California; Washington, DC; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Miami, Florida; Boothbay, Maine; Baltimore, Maryland; Beltsville, Maryland; Bethesda, Maryland; Chestertown, Maryland; Chevy Chase, Maryland; Ellicott City, Maryland; Tacoma Park, Maryland; Wheaton, Maryland; and Mooresville, NC

Press Coverage (last five years)

Review by Mike Giuliano, "Watercolor Society's splashes of convension, abstraction" by included comments on April M Rimpo's painting, Gothic Pinnacles. (Mike Giuliano, April 28, 2018, Howard County Times)

April's painting, Lanterns, is #2 in "25 Acrylic Paintings from 25 Top Artists" (Courtney Jordon, April 23, 2018, Artists' Network)

Awards announce for The Earth Speaks IV Exhibition (April 19, 2018, Pocono Record)

April's painting, Champagne for Lunch, was included in the French magazine, The Art of Watercolou,r in their “What's On” article, with a description of the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional Watercolor Exhibtion.

Review by Mike Giuliano "Three distinctive visions on exhibit at Bernice Kish Gallery" describes the differences in artwork on exhibit by artists April M Rimpo, Jerry Prettyman, and Floyd Roberts. (Mike Giuliano, May 28, 2015, The Baltimore Sun)

Featured Artist on Artsy Shark 2014 - .

The April 2014 edition of Galleries Magazine includes April's painting Making a Difference on page 17 as part of the Columbia Art Center Gallery's ad for their Visions of Hope exhibition.

April Rimpo's Immersive Watercolors - July 2013 press release for Exhibition at Agora Gallery, Interpretive Realms.

A discussion titled Promotion - the personal touch about what should be done when writing blogs, which highlights April M. Rimpo's blog. ( Karin Maraney, July 5, 2012, agora art blog)

April Rimpo's Fluid Approach to Color and Intensity (Nellie Scott, July 11,2012, Agora Gallery)

Mike Giuliano's article Structural Integrity reviews "Building Perspectives", a small group exhibit curated by the HCAC exhibition committee. One of April's paintings is highlighted in the paper. (September 11, 2014, Columbia Flier)

Juror Nick Serratore's statement on April's painting 'The Beach', which received the 2nd Place award in a Baltimore Watercolor Society exhibit in Ocean City, Maryland (. "This painting definitely captures a day in the life.  The vertical format creates an expansive landscape.  The figures, in relationship to one another, form an exciting circular composition only to be off-set by the boat which breaks the horizon leading the viewer to the top of the painting." (May 2014)

"April Rimpo's approach is quite different in her watercolor "Springtime," which treats the floral profusion as intersecting pink zones. The three people depicted beneath the arcing tree branches prompted Poppy Harrin's haiku: "first cherry blossoms/ a little girl shares secrets/ with her baby doll."" (Mike Giuliano, April 24, 2013, The Baltimore Sun) - Full review at Cherry blossoms fill the Columbia Art Center


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