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Country Tour

by April M. Rimpo

20" x 36" x " | Acrylic on Paper Varnished & Framed | $1,700.00

Status: Available

Current Location: April's Studio

Every year there is a bike race that is routed through our town. Many years I had errands to run on the day of the race and was unable to get photographs of the racers. This year I put the race on my calendar so I could be sure I'd have time to get some new reference material. I took countless photographs that day; I believe I watched the race from the arrival of the earliest riders to the last to make it through town. I combined three of my photographs to develop this design and took liberties with the colors of the buildings but believe I stayed true to the spirit of the day. The riders were the inspiration, but including the police who helped direct traffic and the volunteer with the flag who helped direct the riders through the turn were important elements of the occasion.



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