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Cactus Wren

by April M. Rimpo

8" x 8" x " | Acrylic on Paper gallery wrapped & varnished | $195.00

Status: Available

Current Location: April's Studio

My family lived in Arizona for a number of years. We loved cactus blooms and wanted to save water in the desert so our front yard and parts of the back were desert-scaped. Among the plants were prickly pear cactus and saguaro. The cactus wren like both, tending to build their nests in the saguaro but perching (and no doubt eating) on the prickly pears. It was fun to watch the cactus wren since their dramatic white and black feathers on their otherwise tan bodies really were beautiful, especially in flight. The prickly pear plant is multi-hued and their fruit turned from green buds to hot pink and eventually matures to a beautiful reddish-purple fruit. One year I made prickly pear jelly from the fruit. It was good but boy a lot of work. The plants themselves vary from pale greens to lovely shades of lavender. This is an 8" X 8" gallery Wrapped painting, where the image continues around the sides. No frame is required.



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