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#0E 1126 003

Making Tortillas

by April M. Rimpo

30" x 19" x " | acrylic & watercolor on paper | $1,600.00

Status: Available

Current Location: April's Studio

It was the happiness of this woman and the gesture of her hands as she went about making her tortillas that I decided was the focus. It told more about her life. It was the sense of joy she communicated with her expression that really mattered, so what more did I need from my source photograph? Sometimes finding that quality that drew you to take the photograph is harder to find than you would expect. Details that you may not have noticed when you took the photograph start to get in the way of that original inspiration. My approach to the scene, cropped in closer and using a much more limited color palette, enhanced what drew to want to paint this woman from Guatemala. Mounted and varnished this painting arrive in a Brushed Silver Frame 33" X 22"



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