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S-Curve Delivery

by April M. Rimpo

16" x 20" x " | Acrylic on Paper | $1,100.00

Status: Available

Current Location: April's Studio

We went to the mall to watch the ice skaters at the indoor rink. Looking down from the second floor gave us a great view of skaters young and old doing spins or just trying not to fall down. Then I looked straight down at the food stands and saw this. There was food on little plates going for their own spin on a conveyor belt that surrounded their food station and the tables where their customers took in all the options. I'm not sure if it is the engineer in me that draws me to these or the artist, but I was fascinated by the concept and loved the curves in the conveyor belt that contrasted with all the linear patterns created by the floor tiles, tables, chairs, and counter space. Out came the camera to capture the scene below.



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