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Construction Rhythms I

by April M. Rimpo

12" x 20" x " | Acrylic on Paper | $960.00

Status: Available

Current Location: April's Studio

Artwork Statement- "Construction Rhythms"was a fun painting to design. Whenever you have figures in scene they become an automatic focal point. Deciding where to place them was the challenge. I also loved the ladders and orange lifts, but didn't want them to take precedence over the men. After playing around with different croppings I decided to use this Cross layout, placing the standing man next to the crossing point. He is also between the two orange lifts, which are color spots that will automatically attract your eye. I'm hoping the man on the lower-right platform is a happy surprise. I love the patterns of the construction platforms, the ladders, and the architectural lines; so I decided to incorporate additional subtle patterns in quieter passages of the building to repeat those shapes. For the color scheme I decided on a triad of blue, orange, and yellow. Browns are considered part of the yellow family and can be mixed using combinations of blue and orange. The grays were combinations of all three elements of the triad. This painting has received awards in two national exhibitions. Arrives in a 18" X 27" white mat and bronze metal frame.



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