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June 4th 2019 - July 30th 2019

Pikes Peak International Watermedia Exhibitio

Pikes Peak Libraray 21c
1175 Chapel Hills Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

April's painting, The Perfect Ride, was selected by juror Martha Mans. It was one of 100 paintings selected for this exhibit from a field of 360. Image: April's painting, The Perfect Ride, that received the Robert Wilcox Patron award at this exhibition.
June 15th 2019 - July 27th 2019

Missouri Watercolor Society 2019 Internationa

St Louis Artists Gallery

Clayton, MO

Mike Bailey's Juror's statement: Missouri Watercolor Society 2019 International Exhibition I offer greetings and congratulations to all the artists who entered this prestigious exhibition. It is indeed an honor to have been chosen to select and judge this show! I must say, however, that it was a daunting task to select the best pieces from such a large body of outstanding paintings. It truly was, at times, a ‘hair pulling’ decision making process! Most everyone asks about selection criteria and the reasoning behind the choices. I am a design “nerd !” Design is always the driving first thing which presses me include or exclude any painting into, or out of, an exhibition. Content, or message, or story in a painting will set me thinking in ways that a simply “beautiful” painting would not. The message is very important. There is an overriding condition, which appears in a few paintings, which holds enormous power . . .and that is creativity. This aspect shows how the artist thinks and exposes the artist’s audacity, authenticity and freedom. It, therefore, carries a lot of weight. . . .at times as much, or more, than content. Lastly, expert technique counts for little. That is to say that a well designed painting that exhibits strong content and / or exemplary creativity will win out over poor technique. As an aside, I must admit to sometimes allowing personal taste to enter into the above reasons for judgment. While I try to prevent taste from entering the decision making, my humanness may, at times, unexplainably enter into the final reasoning. To those artists who did not make the cut, you have my sincere empathy while I encourage you to continue reaching for higher levels of artistic achievement. I know rejection can be painful. It can also be the stimulus needed to advance aesthetically. So, press onward and continue entering; it is very much worth your efforts! Sincerely, M.E. “Mike” Bailey, AWS / NWS
July 19th 2019 - September 14th 2019

IWS Small Waters Show

The Schoenherr Gallery
171 E. Chicago Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540

A national juried exhibition of small scale watercolors limited to a maximum size of 144 square inches. Juror Ingrid Albrecht, selected April's painting "Full Swing" for inclusion. This painting is 14" X 10", which is just barely under the 144 square inch requirement. This is April's second time in this national exhibition, which is held approximate every other year.
August 24th 2019

Introduction to Experimental Watermedia

HorseSpirit Arts Gallery
8600 Foundry Rd, Cotton Shed Building Cotton Shed Building
Savage, MD 20763

The August workshop focuses on the use of Rice Paper to create textures for trees and bushes. April will provide the rice paper. You provide watercolor paper, brushes, and paint. You may work in either Watercolor or Fluid Acrylics. Fluid acrylic come in a bottle and are in liquid form. April generally uses DaVinci Fluid Acrylics or those by Golden. This is not the same as Acrylic Resin paint. Register by calling HorseSpirit Arts Gallery at 301-490-2001. The class runs from 11am through 5pm with a 30 minute break for lunch for $85 per student.
September 7th 2019 - October 26th 2019

28th Annual ISEA International Exhibit


Lowell, MI

The International Society of Experimental Artists hold an annual exhibition and symposium each year. The location of the event moves each year. This year to be held in Lowell, Michigan. Image: April's painting, "Wondering," is one of 95 paintings selected for the exhibition.

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